Sunday, May 27, 2007

Taking care of my rocks

While the job search is in full swing and I am keeping myself busy with research and writing, I keep coming back to the following issues from the seminar. What are the rocks in my life that always come first? I am working and thinking hard on making sure I spend enough time on the things that are really important to me. The other issues that are on my mind are what I want to do in life, what is my purpose and finally, what defines me? It is quite a quest but I understand I need to answer these questions for myself in order to direct where I wish to go.


Susan Arthur said...

Hi Thomas
Janet's rocks and sand sketch also helps me, I keep thinking about it in those terms as it is a very memorable and clear picture.

This period of time between finding jobs/ internships and the WOW programme is difficult- lots of different things to do, so it's important to prioritise. Am having trouble planning my time as it's difficult to identify priorites at the moment- but good luck with your time management process. Good to see you still blogging!

mbuso said...

At times I see myself wandering in the jungle of life but I immediately come to question things that I do. Are they rocks or sand? What a post Tomas welldone!

Valentin said...

Thomas, all of us at some point come to a crossroad asking ourselves:
What's the point of doing all that? Is it all worth to do it?
In fact, you are right. Sometimes we keep on doing things believing that this is all that we need ot this is the right thing to do.
Afterwards we come to the conclusion that maybe we are not folowing our dreams or our heart. And all that we are doing might not be what we really want.
In this regard, I believe that as time changes, people also change and thus they change their perceptions, goals and values. Nothing in fact remains the same.
That's why I believe that we should think about what is right to do at that specific time, whether it is worth or not (in the short-term or in the long-term) and whether it will benefit us at all.
And yet, in fact, nothing is wortless. As I said to Ijeoma before, whatever you do in life will be of any use to you, i.e. there isn't anything that should be thrown away or neglected.
Everything you do is useful!

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

It is difficult to identify and seperate the rocks from the sand. I like to simplify things mostly because there's so much to do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the targets I have set for myself. At the moment I am able to sift my rocks from the sand. But time management is a big issue for me as well.