Monday, May 21, 2007

Keeping the energy level

The four weeks with the World of Work program certainly kept me on my toes. I was juggling the ambitious seminar schedule with my own research and other commitments. Foremost, the constant engagement with the presentations really made me think about my goals in life, but also how going about earning a living by doing what I like doing most and what I am capable of doing best. Now, going through my notes, I try to keep the reflection going. Sometimes I am a bit tired of the thinking - in the end, what counts is what 'is'. In other words, what will be my activities in the next few weeks and months?


Valentin said...

Dear Thomas, let the experience of the WOW training programme help you in your future endeavours.
In fact, I think that all of us benefited a lot from this programme-everybody in his (her) own way. Keep this energy going!
And as we said, we should definitely think about going forward with this project-writing and publishing a book about the WOW.
And we should go on with a lots of other different new activities. As Lesley and Susan pointed out:
"This is just the beginning!"

Celeste said...

Hi T

You have accomplished so much already, and it is fantastic to hear how driven you are to make even more out of your life. Most people think that life after varsity will be easy and that everything will be spoon-fed and simple. But I have seen in you and your team's blogs that you guys are very willing to take the working world on by the horns and give it a full go, whether it will be difficult or not. Good luck to all of you and well done with completing the course with such success.

P.S. The idea about the book is inspiring. I hope it will be a reality very soon. Good luck with that!



Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

I hear you Thomas, I am tired of thinking so much and figuring out the way forward myself. At the same time I am sort of excited about the challenges ahead. Well, good luck Mr. Blaser!!