Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Presenting in Style

Des Patel certainly gave us a great presentation about the tools needed to have some impact while telling your story. But one of the many benefits we got from three weeks of seminar-presentations was the exposure to all these terrifice individuals and their styles of presenting themselves and what they had to say. The passion and committment to what they do to earn a living came out so beautifully.For instance, you could tell how Berenice was concerned with all of us understanding her model to resolve conflicts. Also to see how they appreciate their audience and how they respect the people who listen to them was quite impressive. I noticed that all started off with some personal story to draw in the audience's attention. To be humerous and to laugh is so important. Remember Janet, she came with a laugh, continued laughing while carry home her most important points and she left with a smile. Or Brad, he was joking with us, making funny comments about himself and thereby grabbing our attention. Or Lovemore, did he not leave a lasting impression? How did he do it? Practice seems to be an important aspect: the more you stand at the top of that table and look at the faces in front of you, the better. In the end, what counts is that you are yourself. You need to discover what kind of presentation style works for you. Practice, practice, practice,...I always love to watch people performing their talk or conversation. Years ago, there was Laure Adler presenting a talk show on French tv. I never missed a show. I learnt so much just from waching her, how she presented her arguments and how she interacted with her guests. Needless to say that they and her topics were very interesting and diverse: young French people of foreign origin who are marginalized, a bull breeder from Southern France with a passion for gardening and plants, an art historian who talks so passionately about paintings that you immediatley went out to get her latest book, and so on. Nothing beats an entertaining and instructive presentation that improves your life and satisfies your curiosity.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Interesting how we get hooked on presenters and then what they are saying. I loved Christina Amanpor on CNN. I also like Oprah's style of presenting besides the fact that she deals with very topical issues and exposes others that are hush-hush (I'm watching her now talking about peadophiles). Most of our presenters from the WOW programme were interesting to me because their personalities and as you say passion came through quite strongly. Their varying approaches certainly enriched my arsenal of presentation styles.

Thomas Blaser said...

It is hard to say why we like such and such presenter and not another. I guess a bit of mysery, some frankness, intelligence and style are important to me.

Valentin said...

Yes, Thomas!
The way you present is a reflection of your uniqeness and personality.
Everybody has got different style of presenting, therefore, a different style of communicating and interacting with others.
And I think this is because the way you present comes straight from your heart. It is sincere, spontaneous and full of passion.
Therefore, there is not a right formula for presenting.
Simply because there is not a right formula of how one expresses his (her) feelings and shares those with others.
And this is what is remarkable about it.
In other words, every presentation style is different, unique, original and new.
And therefore, it provokes different responses, moods and ideas!
That's way each one of us during these presentations today had his (her) own space of influence, communication and interaction with others.
And this is what made the presentations today both unique an unforgettable.
Especially for me!

Thomas Blaser said...

Very nicely put, Valentin. Yet, I also think one can learn what works grosso modo, like the booklet we received from Des.