Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How I feel about blogging?

I have heard a lot about blogging in the past. People talk about it and you encounter some blogs when you surf the net. I hope the audience will enjoy it; I think I will enjoy it as I like to write. So here I go - my own blog! Raise the curtains!


Roy Blumenthal said...

Good one, Thomas. Glad you got it running. Still need your profile, and your second and third posts.

Blue skies

tom said...

Ja Roy, thanks!! I am excluded from my own blog! I can't do updates anymore...So hopefully tomorrow I am on it again. Thanks for the initiation to blogging - it was great seminar.

Anne said...

Hey Thomas,

You will see that it can become quite addictive!
Welcome on board and enjoy as it can be so much fun.