Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not dead...yet!

Ok, some time passed since I wrote for the the last time. I got a bit bogged down by a few other things but foremost I have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can write about the experience that all from the 2007 Wow team would like to share. And like to read about!

The remaining pictures from the Walk are in the pipeline to be posted. I just get tired of the long and complicated downloading. And my home computer got some virus, and so on.

I intend to do a half-marathon at the Soweto Marathon in early November, for those who would like to hook up.

I am still waiting for the Wits examiner, the last one of three, to submit his report. I finished the final version of my thesis end of February 2007.....


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey there stranger!! Great to have you back. I received your invitation to Flickr, thank you. Don't have ANY expectations, I barely have time to breathe. Ok, I know you'll say I'm being dramatic as usual. But this is TRUE!! I wish you all the best with the final step to being a doc. I look forward to partying until dawn to celebrate when I get back. Ciao!!

Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Thomas,
Nice to hear that finally you are almost done with your Phd. To tell the truth- I never see myself so far. Reason why all PHD fellows deserve my respect for that. Also I wish that you like your job and that you are enjoying it.
Porte toi bien