Thursday, June 7, 2007

The 'Mbigi' question

As I wrap up my current projects and get ready for my new employment, I have what I call the 'Mbigi'question in mind. This question basically asks 'what is the value that I can add to the organisation' and closely related, 'what is the problem that I can solve within the organisation'? Of course, your employer knows what she wants you to do, and that is always your priority, but I think you want to put a challenge to yourself while you are on the job. Thereby, you become more valuable to the organisation, but you also have much more fun (and agency) in what you are doing. In other words, you want to retain the initiative in what you are doing.


Susan Arthur said...

Good point, Thomas. I remember Marius Venter (entrepreneurship) also talked about intrepreneurship - people who constantly seek to improve their organisations while they are there, rather than people who just carry on doing what they are told. That's a big challenge for all of us to keep in mind and to try and act on.

Valentin said...

Definitely true!
You should be aware of how you can contribute to the organisation and after all, you should feel satisfied after all that you have achieved (personally, professionally etc.).
It is not just about you and the position you occupy at this particular job.
It is also about your relationship to the work (to the job itself); how you value this relationship; how you understand it and eventually how you develop it.
In other words, it is also about you and the organisation itself: the essence of your mutual relationship, exchange of ideas and information, and interaction. Thus, you need to ask yourself repeatedly:
"Who are you for them and who are they for you?"
And only when you've got the answer to this question, you know that this is really your greatest job opportunity and you are also the one that they need.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Thomas,congratulations!! I guess the stuffy nose and sore head did not get in the way of your capabilities and expertise. Well done. I find it interesting that the name 'Mbigi' is never far from your lips (you know to what I refer). Don't ponder too much on what you will contribute when you start your job. I believe it will come as you become more immersed in it and see what challenges arise and what spectacular interventions you can perform. Just do it!!